Monday, June 29, 2009

It was beautiful yesterday - I shut off the AC and opened the windows. It was a welcome relief from the 90º+ and high humidity we'd been experiencing. Today is the same and very windy.

I took my son and daughter-in-law out to eat yesterday to celebrate their birthdays which were both last week. It was the first day we could all get tegether. I haven't seen my youngest son and his wife for several weeks now. Life is just too busy sometimes.

I tatted the next two bookmarks in Sharon's book. I know...I'll bet you're wondering when I'm going to get to the good stuff, the flowers. It's going to be awhile. We have edgings coming up first. This is a heart bookmark and clover bookmark. Sharon does have tassels on her bookmarks but they take time to make and I'm doing good to find time just for this.

The heart bookmark is tatted from the Lizbeth thread, Carousel, again. It's interesting seeing how the colorway plays out in the tail. Just a bit of white between each segment. I have one ball of thread that ends up looking like only two colors when tatted...I wonder what it would look like if I made this spiral with it? I may tat the next bookmark with it just to find out!

One thing I wanted to mention about Sharon's book is that she gives long notation, then short notation, and a diagram for each pattern so far. This is very helpful for beginners to learn how to read all of them and seeing them all together helps you make the connection if you ever have to read one of the methods on your own from someone else's pattern.

One of the classes I'm teaching for Fringe Element Tatters in September is how to intrepret vintage patterns. I think it will be great fun to condense the old terms into short notation and then into a diagram. AND to figure out the shortcuts along the way!

Not sure how much tatting I'll get done this week. My middle son is moving in at the weekend and I've got to do some major decluttering and moving around. I wish I also had time to wash everything down and paint. Maybe he'll sleep in his car a week or two so that I can. LOL! He's helping but it's still a lot to do all at once.

And hey, guess what? I'm going to see the King Tut exhibit at the Children's Museum on Friday!

I'm going with a friend who lives in Greenfield. We've been planning this since the Museum first announced the exhibit was coming last year. I used to love Egyptian history but don't have time to pursue it much these days. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a child.


  1. Those books marks are so very pretty!!! I love them... WOW I wanted to be an archaeologist too as a child I used to dig in the dirt and "retend" I found dinosaur bones usually it was old chicken or bird bones LOL but hey cant blame a gal for trying. I would so love to see that exhibit! Have fun!!!

  2. Oh, you must post about the exhibit after you see it. I am planning to go sometime before it closes, and I would love a heads up on it. My BFF and I both love Egyptian things, and are exited it has come to Indiana!

  3. Oh, I like those bookmarks too! Especially the heart one. The stripe effect on the cord really is neat!

    Enjoy your visit with King Tut, Funky Tut (remember the Steve Martin song?). He was here this spring (the boy king that is), but I didn't get to go. I heard from friends that it was good though.


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