Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I really do love these charm packs! I need to do something besides look at them but still...I couldn't resist entering the drawing for these and you can do the same at the website http://www.quiltqua.com/, not Jan's Musing. Jan has a great site but I'm sure she doesn't want all the email for this!

Here's the last bookmark in Sharon's book. It's a split ring cross. This is the Lizbeth thread that I said seemed to be only two colors when tatted up. LOL! Well, I'll be darned - it IS only two colors! On the ball, it looks like three. I don't remember the name of it but I was disappointed the first time I used it. Lovely shades, but I guess I need a more gradual shift in color or more colors. I really thought there was some blue in it.

Now we're moving on to edgings. This is your simplest ring edging. I just used what was left on the shuttle. The next one is also an oldie but a goodie and one of my favorites for a quick lacy looking edging, hen and chicks. I didn't have time to tat it last night but may try tonight. After that, she puts the two together to make a wider edging. That's why the book has "Transitions" in the title. She shows how to build from one element to another.


  1. Those fabrics are nice.
    The thread is a pretty color combination. I love Hens and Chick, too! In fact, someone who reads my blog just sent me a long length of "Hens and Chicks" that a friend had tatted. I'll have to find something cute to put it on.

  2. Gina, you have inspired me to re-examine my copy of "Transitions"....

  3. This is so fun seeing you work your way through this book and reading your thoughts on the projects. It seems like a great book! I'm looking forward to hens and chicks!

  4. Your bookmark is lovely!
    I agree about the colors needing something, though. I think it would look prettier with some additional variation - I'd put in some darker reddish purple like on a red onion, shading to very light purple, then some peachier shades of the peach - I'd call the result "Peaches 'n Onions"...uh oh, a new HDT inspiration, LOL. Thanks for the idea, Gina!

  5. wow....who would have thought these simple tats could inspire ALL of you in some way???

  6. Pretty eyecandy, Gina! I'm enjoying your trip through Sharon's book! And you know, sometimes simple is both prettiest and best. I like the thread colorway, by the way, but I can understand your disappointment. It's a pretty combination.



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