Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I noticed that Umintsuru has been tatting a lot of patterns from Lyn Mortons's Tatting Patterns. I've only tatted a limited amount from this book, notably the Hearts and Flowers motif that attracts so many people, but I actually bought the book because I saw this corsage in it and fell in love.

You can make it with 3 flowers or 6 flowers. Actually, I would prefer to use it as a hair ornament but my hair is so fine that it will NOT hold anything, even things designed for fine baby hair. So I thought I might actually make it as a clothing decoration or maybe for a bag.

Here's one view of the 3 flowers. I tatted them with one of the skeins of thread I dyed on Monday. A nice combination of Autumn colors, don't you think? I'm not sure if the white bits are detrimental in this or not. If I didn't know they weren't supposed to be there, I guess I wouldn't think anything of it.

Here's a view where they are more separated. I've got to find beads to set them off and also my florist's wire and florist's tape. I'll go through my ribbons to see if I have anything to complement the colors. Maybe I'll make it into a brooch for my fall jacket which I'll probably be wearing before too long!

Today has been full with the insurance adjuster, a company to tarp the roof, and the return of the woodcutters. The smell of sawdust and the sound of chainsaws is beginning to fray my nerves but lacework and stitching have kept me grounded. I was pleasantly surprised to learn I'll get a new roof on the garage! There was so much of the crown of the tree on it that I couldn't really tell what kind of damage there was and it was already in bad shape. I will be responsible for other repairs to the garage but it'll all work out. The people I've dealt with this time have been super!

Even so, I'm ready for everyone to go home and for me to enjoy what's left of my vacation!


  1. Very pretty! I actually didn't notice the white bits until you pointed them out!

  2. A brooch will look lovely now that autumn is just around the corner!

  3. it's been such a great day! I found my florist's wire and tape in something I wasn't even looking for them in! Got ribbon at Michael's for only .50¢ each! the stump is gone where the tree was and it's ready for grass seed. My Magnum PI DVD's came! It just doesn't end!

  4. Love the fall colours!!!!

  5. Didn't you say something good will come of it. New roof!!

    Your brooch is going to look lovely on your autumn coat. Yes I agree, the white bits are just part of the colourway.

    It is a happy day.

  6. Love the dyed thread and what you've made with them! Hope you soon have some peace and quiet.


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