Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maybe it was that full moon recently but I've noticed other people telling tales of tatting woes too. This one isn't recent. In fact, I've been noticing it sitting on my hutch in the kitchen for days and I'd pick it up and wonder why it was there and lay it back down again. I don't remember tatting it or at least only very vaguely. Why did I leave it here? So I finally brought it into my studio and scanned it, even though I knew it had probably already been scanned and posted about months ago, maybe even a year or two ago. Like Isdhara, I didn't even see the problem until I scanned and for some reason, THEN it popped out at me! I kinda sorta remember now. It's one of those tricks the eyes play on the mind. I also found out the editing program I used to use to put words on my pix is no longer on my computer. Double oops! I liked that feature along with the framing it did.

I've been tatting motifs for the dye pot again. I actually planned to do lots of hearts this time but I keep getting sidetracked. This one is completely rings. I like the little Josephine knots in the center. I can't believe how many ends I had to hide in this motif! I left a tail at the beginning because I wasn't sure where I was going to end the first round. Usually I tat the beginning tail in but sometimes it comes in handy to make a snug final knot or join and it did this time. There are two rounds to this and so I ended the first round but that meant another tail end at the beginning of the second round. Then I ran out of thread about 5 rings before the end. More tails. At the very end, I tatted one too many large rings and had to retro-tat. I can't remember now, but I think the thread ended up breaking and I had to add yet another new thread in. So I had tons of ends to hide and it was a challenge just to add a new thread in without it being obvious. I was glad to see John was having the same issue as far as adding in a new thread inconspicuously.

Here's the next motif in progress. It has chains framing the motif. I'm almost done with this ball of vintage Star size 30 thread. This is motif #6. The one before is motif #7.

Both patterns came from this book. I should tat more from this book but for some reason, it usually just sits on my shelf. I tatted the basket in it for an exchange once. I'm going to have to tat one for me sometime because I really do love it!


  1. Well, THANK YOU GINA - I have that book! I hadn't looked at it in a LONG time. I got it on clearance ages ago before I could look at a pattern with any understanding and since the designs are charted, without written instructions, I put it away as a hopeless cause. I like your tatting of these motifs better than the book's. There are many pretty patterns and now I understand them! Thanks - I almost feel like I got a Handy Hands delivery today!

    :) Ann

  2. I had trouble back when I got it too as I wasn't very familiar with diagrams. I meant to mention something about designer style. Maybe in another post - but this one is all odd numbers. 9 rings in the 1st round, 21 in the second. 3, 7 and 9 picots. I just find it interesting.

  3. I have that book and I have to say, I've never really looked at it. Nevermind trying to make something out of it. *shakes head* I got mine when I was just getting used to shuttles and it seemed like a good 'motivator' to keep going.

  4. How would anyone else ever see our mistakes when we can't even see them? Funny how these things bother us :)

    I love the josephine knots in the center too - they just seem to add interest! Both motifs are pretty - makes me think I should go dig in all the books I keep ignoring . . .

  5. I have that book too! I should do more from it instead of work on my own designs ;) It is nice to take a break and work on other's design too.

  6. Now that I look at it afresh, the 'oops' in the blue motif is actually an improvement on the design. Those inner chains crowd and cramp the ring pairs. The inner space needs something, but perhaps not the chain....


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