Thursday, September 02, 2010

I wanted to wait until later to post this as I think the scanner will show it better than the camera in this case. I won't have the scanner set up until later in the weekend though.

I wanted to show you the bookmark Miranda tatted for me in appreciation for making that little white bag for her. It's the Chinese Coin Bookmark by Jon. I've been wanting to make it for ages and now I've been gifted with a beautiful one!

The camera didn't show the color well [changed photo!] and it's a beautifully shaded blue in size 40. I don't remember the thread brand and forgot to pick up the card on my way out this morning but I'll insert it here later. [Olympus, possibly color OL-M14]

I tried laying it across my blue eyelet blouse this morning, hoping the blues would stand out even more but they didn't. [changed photo here too!] I HAD to put some color on my blog today! It was feeling so colorless - maybe because I'm tatting so much in white.

I tatted a 4 corner piece from Myra Piper's book last night. Apparently I've tatted it before because I had written in the corrections. LOL! There is a ring missing and a reverse work. Or maybe a rw where there shouldn't have been. They're simply numbered so it wouldn't do any good for me to search the blog...unless...I search for Myra Piper! Here are some bookmarks from different patterns in the book. And here are some bookmarks made from the one I tatted last night. Wow - looks entirely different! And I'm embarrassed to admit I'd forgotten all about tatting these bookmarks! I do remember the bookmarks I get as gifts though.

So anyway, the white version goes into the dye pot too. I ended the edging I posted about the last time. I measured it against the lovely Gina purse that Jane Eborall gave me during a visit to the states last year and it's already too long to embellish it without cutting a few bits off. I'm also dubious about matching the color.

The thread Miranda used in the Chinese Coin Bookmark might be a perfect match though!

Wait! Stop! I already have ....things to do. LOL! You see how these things snowball though, don't you?

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  1. Miranda's work is lovely. Looks a bit like Bre-Aly thread??
    Fox : )


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