Monday, September 27, 2010

Isn't this button gorgeous? I ordered it last week from the Etsy shop of Older Rose. I think I mentioned before that she has tutorials on her blog showing how to paint them yourself. I have to tell you though, the button in person is stunning and looks much better than the ones on her blog and shop. Those are small pics and don't do the artwork justice. You can't see the pearl of the button shine through or the details. These are painted on vintage pearl buttons.

Now I want a hummingbird one. This one will have to be showcased somehow. Any ideas out there?

Here's the corsage now that it's pinned in a frame and slightly re-ribboned for the exhibit my lace guild is having in November. It's hanging on my tea calendar until I take it in.

Here's the wire wheel with a black tatted edging and beads. I stiffened it but I'm not happy with the way the Stiffy worked on this. I also miscalulated a bit. I had it right at first but the first two rings were too close so I cut out one, and I thought it ended at the perfect spot but I did need that ring....just a wire spoke over instead of where it was at. Now if I actually make this into a pendant, I'll put the bail in the space above where the missing ring is and it won't be so obvious.

I just had to see what it would look like! There's too much height with the button and wire wheel so the scanner makes the background fuzzy. My camera battery is charging and I didn't want to wait so I went ahead and scanned. I don't plan to use the button this way, but it's one idea going into the inspiration folder.


  1. Gina,
    I follow Old Rose too. Yes, her work is amazing. Plus she also has great helpful hints too.

  2. it's a beautiful button Gina and it goes so well with your beautiful tatting.

  3. That is a beautiful button! I love the tatting around the wire wheel. Oh, to have some imagination!

  4. Gina, That looks absolutely amazing! I know you are not going to use the button here - but it really does look wonderful in the silver piece. Well done!
    Fox : )

  5. That's actually a really gorgeous use for the button if you used a blue thread to match the bird. It could then be turned into a pendant or brooch.

    Oh dear, now I'm getting ideas...

  6. The button looks lovely in your wire tatted piece.

  7. lovely work from both of you

  8. The button is lovely! Even if you don't use it in the wheel it looks good there. I love the way you've framed the corsage. I definitely am going to have to try that. Both are great ways to display tatting - thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I wondered what I was going to do with the brass wire circles I bought months ago, which I put aside in my craft room. I did use one behind the cross in a frame (my Easter post) as a 'design element' but it's kind of hiding in the background.

    But here you have come up with a great way to showcase the wire circle by adding a very attractive tatted 'frame'! And the beautiful button looks great in the center! There are so many possibilities.

    Also the fall corsage is beautiful! What a great way to display it - and it also does make a great corsage!

    I don't know how you manage to do so much tatting and blogging, but it's always fun to visit here. I'm getting quite a 'kick' out of the 1920s dancers! My husband and I enjoyed dancing for many years.

  10. I don't know where to start! I always love your work, and everything is just wonderful... I really like the little silver wheel mixed in there and adding the button, it adds a lot to tatting to bring modern ideas to such a wonderful old craft. The old Vintage #30 thread you are working with is beautiful and so lacy, I love the fact it is just rings, I have a difficult time with just rings,mine always looks so sloppy. Kudos to you and all your work, again, just beautiful.



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