Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Editor - Blah!

I did try the latest new editor. It looked like I had uploaded 4 photos but I ended up with only one. I have it already figured out how to get the one I want on top with the old editor. Now it will take way more manipulation than I've ever done before. The one nice thing is that you can "preview" before publishing and see what it looks like. I saw there were several complaints already. This explains some of the issues bloggers have been having lately with their photos and posts. It seems I won't have a choice for very long. I suppose I can always find a different source for blogging.

I'm tatting again for the dye batch. I realized I have a lot of ecru colored thread that was given to me and ecru dyes as easily as white so this seems like a good way to use it. This edging is from Tatting by Cathy Bryant. It uses two shuttles. I've got about 18" inches done now and one shuttle is nearly empty. I don't like the way I have to fiddle with it to get it to lay nicely. The segments tend to flip. Once it's stitched down, it won't be a problem, but getting it to behave for dying could be something else.

I really miss the "recent documents" feature on this computer. I couldn't find where I put the word doc that I saved but I did find the printout. This is crocheted ricrac from I'm going to try to substitute it in some of my regular ricrac/tatting patterns. The key is to use the right thread and hook size to match regular ricrac. I noticed even when I tested the vintage patterns that some ricracs didn't work as well as others. The vintage directions didn't give any dimensions to work with. This braid is also used in Romanian Point Lace sometimes too, especially where you want a little more frill than the basic cord.

I now have a defective water tank in my well pit to deal with along with house repairs and replacing the pole my electric meter is on. Funny how one thing leads to another and another and another. Eventually it will all come together but for now it's very frustrating. That could lead to all the MORE tatting!


  1. Hey Gina!
    That is a very pretty edging - I hope it does well for dyeing. The results from your last dye batch were AMAZING! I think I prefer tatting dyed that way because the colors flow so seamlessly with no clumps of color.

    I can't help with the water tank or the pole, but MAYBE I can help with the Blogger Editor. I had no idea it had changed again. It wasn't that way when I posted earlier. ANYWAY I was playing around with it and was able to move pictures by highlighting them and then using my browser's (Safari) cut (control+x) and paste (control+v).

    :) Ann

  2. Thanks Ann. I'll admit I didn't do much with the editor and immediately went back to the old one until they take it away. Shortsighted of me perhaps but I don't have time to relearn a whole new program right now. One of the complaints was about how uploading is limited to one photo at a time. Another about the quality of the photos since they are automatically changed. I always resize mine to smaller anyway so that part will impact me too. I prefer the html mode although I don't use that much html. Still...I know how to control everything there. It took me a few years to get to that point.

  3. good luck with the house problems, they can be so disheartening. I hope that despite the hassle you have a lovely weekend. x

  4. The edging looks lovely and it is a very pretty pattern.

    Hmmm house problems. Houses do seem to be a lot of work. I hate it too. Yes, more tatting is good!! I'm sorry, I should be encouraging you to handle the house repairs first.


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