Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Toymaker's doodles ~ go see! I was trying to imagine her cutting out those shapes and then coloring them in and having them turn out so perfectly!

I woke up pretty much on my own this morning in plenty of time to meet my son to look at some garage replacement ideas. No one was there but we looked around and I'll be calling the company soon to get more information.

I planned to go to a community garage sale in a little town close to me after that but then I chided myself into not going. I am trying to get rid of stuff, not add more to the mix.

I bought two tops at Goodwill the other night - half price even! One is actually a zip up sweater and the other is a knit V-neck top. Anytime I buy something there, I'm visualizing it with tatted lace. Have I ever shown you anything like that, clothing that I've trimmed in tatted lace? N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. I never seem to get around to it! There is a pattern for a V-neck insert in one of my books that I've been looking at lately. Can't find it right now but (of course) I know what thread I'll use and it will work for the knit top I bought. I'd love to get started on it if I could find the book.

Now...why can't I find the book? I put a bunch of stuff away today. I tend to accumulate thread, beads and books around my tatting chair in the living room and eventually I make myself put it away. I put most of the tatting books away last night. If I could remember which book it is in, I'd probably find it quickly. It's something I haven't used much. I keep thinking it's something I got more recently. Ah...found it! It's the latest Japanese book I purchased - Tatting Lace. It's on page 22 and where it says "yarn", there is #40 on that line and I hope that is the thread size but it looks like a bigger thread in the photo. The way it's made though, I can just continue to add rows to make it bigger.

I tatted two versions of the ribbons and bow edging I'm trying to figure out. I'm still not happy with it but may try again tomorrow.

This is another pattern I was playing with a few weeks ago. I didn't like the way the wheel turned out so I decided to play with it and added variegated green petals in two sizes. The wheel was bowed to begin with and I've sort of forgotten where I was going with it now. LOL!

After getting lots put away, I worked on my embroidery sampler and then even started a needlelace piece. It's a simple oval shape and I'm just doing corded single Brussels, Corded double brussels, and probably triple corded brussels as I move down the piece. It's been so long since I've worked on needlelace that I thought this would get me back in the rhythm of it without ruining something else.

I also bought something today. It's not tatting related but it's something I often use with tatting. I bought one of Older Rose's hand painted buttons! I got one of the bluebird ones. I'd like a hummingbird one too, but I'd also like to paint my own. She has tutorials on her blog which I intend to try out one of these days!

I also took a LONG nap today. I've been sleeping a lot - which is kind of normal with the changing of the season into Autumn. Even so, I've been yawning for a few hours now so I guess I'll even get to bed early tonight.


  1. Wonderful this pattern!

  2. Gina, That is so lovely! Great pattern. What is it?
    Fox : )

    ps You are wise to go to sleep when you are sleepy! Wish I could do that; I fight it tooth and nail and end up more tired. But I have to tat... : )

  3. Hi Gina! You're a lovely writer! Thank you for coming to visit my blog and leaving a comment. I thought I'd come over to your blog and do the same! Have a lovely weekend, whatever might be left of it.


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