Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Partridges and Hearts

I had to chuckle. For some reason, this one looks better in the scan than in real life. This is thread I dyed last May, from some vintage unknown thread. Well - "Daisy" by Belding Lily Co, which is not a known brand these days. It's a 3 cord thread and tends to be fuzzy compared to 6 cord. This colorway is a subtle blending of green and blue shades, a bit on the muddy side but I like it. It almost looks like bits of white showing through but there isn't any white at all. Maybe a reflection?

I needed a little thank you gift to tuck into a card so I tatted this up this morning - Heart's Desire, by Susan Fuller, in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20. It appears my scanner is the source of the white highlights. They were not there before I edited and then once I resized, they magically appeared. I don't remember that happening before. I wonder if I accidently changed a setting of some kind?

This has got to be the largest version of Heart's Desire that I've ever tatted! Since most of my Lizbeth tats up slightly smaller than DMC size 20, I was suprised. Maybe I've just always done this heart in size 30 or 40. Or maybe I've been using smaller threads so much lately that this just seems bigger. I've never added a bookmark tail to this pattern either but even before I did that it seemed quite large. Did you notice the last ring on the tail is heart-shaped? More picots on the tail split rings probably would have matched the heart better, but I was getting tired of it, believe it or not!

I took a vacation day to attend a job fair in Indy and then decided not to go. This does give me the opportunity to make some calls about my house repairs from the tree incident. I just got the final numbers last Thursday and have not had time to set anything up since. One thing I've been noticing in recent years is that I'm getting so tired of making ALL the decisions. I wonder if anyone else who is single ever feels that way? Or even not single - sometimes all the decision making falls on one person simply because the other won't. I think I procrastinate sometimes just to avoid having to do that. I do prefer having choices, don't get me wrong, but I just wish the best thing would automatically happen sometimes. Especially in areas I'm not that proficient in.


  1. Oh I know what you mean by being the decision maker. Even though I'm one half of a pair it seems to be left to me to make all the mundane and monetary decisions!!!!

  2. "This colorway is a subtle blending of green and blue shades, a bit on the muddy side but I like it."

    Hmmm, when I first opened the page and saw that partridge I thought, Gee she always has such gorgeous thread! I love that color, at least as it appears on my screen! Guess I need to get that book cuz I also like the partridge!

  3. Another beautiful partridge! And I love that heart! :)

  4. first off, your work is stunning, really stunning. second, I am ALWAYS pressing buttons by accident, I haven't seen my recycling bin on the p.c. for weeks so figure I must have deleted it without noticing!! and third, I too hate having to make all the decidions and I'm married. My pet hate is it's always me who decides what we eat!! and I'm not even hungry!!

  5. Yes, I did notice that heart at the end immediately. You are so clever. The heart is wonderful - great gift.

    Your tail is so uniform. And the trick to that is...?

    I think you may be on to something about procrastination and being the only decision maker. That has got me thinking... (never a good sign!)

    Fox - The ONLY decision maker : )


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