Monday, August 22, 2011

#16 of 25 Motif Challenge

To find out the history of this project, check my post from July 30, 2011.

This is Plate 2, figure 13 in the DMC Tatting publication.

Here's my sample, knots and all. I couldn't bring myself to crochet the header but I think it's a lovely edging. It's upside down here. I made all the long picots as described in the instructions but if I were making it as an edging, I would have short joining picots on the plain edge where it would be attached to something. I seem to have some kind of little bug the past few days so my inspiration mode isn't up to par.

Tatting this was a little tricky. I've lettered the sequence, ring a, chain b, ring c, chain d. Ring c is tatted in the usual way but when it moved on to the chain that surrounds it, the instructions say to "turn the small ring". Not the entire work, just the ring. This is to get the thread in the proper position to chain around and end up going forward. I did twist it a few times, but then ended up just crossing the threads over the base of the ring. I was afraid it would be too twisty but it lays pretty flat with the joins and then blocking took care of the rest.

The instructions also call for long picots at the sides of ring a and chain d. That helps it lay flat too so don't be chintzy on the picot length. I haven't tried this in 2 colors yet. It might be interesting to see how that plays out.

I've also figured out that when the instructions say "use 1 shuttle", they mean the ring shuttle. When they say "use 2 shuttles", they mean to chain. Aren't we glad we can just say "R" and "Ch" these days?

I have one more edging in Plate 2. I already tatted Plate III before I started the challenge and didn't want to include them here. Then I tatted Plate IV earlier in the challenge so I'll move on to Plate V.

I've almost got the edging stitched down on the pillowslip. It's not a priority so I work on it when I'm bored with other things.


  1. Such a pretty pattern, Gina! I am having trouble visualizing that twist - I have had that same little bug, I think ! - and wonder if you could not do a shoelace trick or would that not get the threads right where they are to be. Suppose not, thinking about it... oh, well, maybe a cup of tea.... : )

  2. I came across this same edging and I'm doing it for a hanky! In green. Where they say long picots, I actually had to make them just as short if not shorter than all the other picots so it would turn out straight - go figure. Ring 'c' I've decided to tat...well, I don't RW after the chain, that way the ring 'ends' on the same side to start chain 'd'. I started this three different times to practice, seeing which way would lay right. What size is the thread you've used here?

  3. Good idea Red! Using the chain shuttle to tat the ring does bring you to the side you need to be at. Thanks!

  4. Lovely little edging, I like your pattern better then the orginal.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern

  5. It turned out very pretty. And You are right: It would be interesting to tat this in two colours.

  6. This is a pretty edging, Gina. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks so much for all the HELPFUL comments and especially, Gina, providing the counts over the actual photo - that's my favorite way of "getting" a pattern LOL! ~Tatikan/Sher


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