Monday, August 29, 2011

Isn't this pillow stitched by Evy on Fantaisies Crazy by Evy: Arts Nouveaux stunning? I found the link on Craft Gossip.

Remember when I asked what everyone did with their bits and pieces and single motifs? This would work for some. I've wanted to do crazy quilting from way back when I started quilting, in my early 20's. Over the years I collected fabrics and books but have yet to sit down and do it. I think this would be a nice beginner project. I'm not crazy about the heavily encrusted look that is so popular these days. I think it detracts from the stitching but that's just my preference. I do like using beads and unusual embroidery stitches and buttons and lace together and this project would seem to limit the space and temptation to overdo. Well...another "to do someday" for the list.


  1. ..this style of decorating is all the rave, I guess it is called Shabby Chic. I like this but less fussy.

  2. Every single lace and stitch is beautiful, but for me it is to much stitching and lace on a small surface. I like it less embroidered.

  3. The joy in CQ is that it is so creative. Whatever you have on hand can be added to your liking. Choose your colors, and keep embellishing until you are happy with it!

    I have a box of fabric from a GF + Pat Winter has helped with my stash. Her ribbons are just stunning and wonderful to use.

    I imagine your CQ will have beautiful tatting!

  4. Beautiful design to use up bits, and I think if and when you get around to doing it some of your tatting will look lovely on it.

  5. It is my maintaining very first CQ I embroider them much more, we do not recover, but I find that the little embroidered sewings suit well in printed fabrics.
    I hope that you will have pleasure in quilter very soon!
    Thank you for the link of blog Gina

    Beautiful day

  6. I think it is a fantastic cushion and would love to make one, if I had time, the knowledge and the materials!!!


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