Sunday, August 07, 2011

I got to tat Bri's doily and used size 20 Coates variegated and size 20 Lizbeth dark purple. It's easy to tat but I had to pay attention and make sure I joined in the right places. I'm going to try it again in two solid colors as I think that will bring out the design elements more.

The trim adapted from Plate 2, figure 12 is done! I think. I will pin it to the pillow case and make sure it covers everything before I cut the shuttles off and hide my ends. I happened to see on another blog (non-tatting) that the blogger had some lace wrapped around a "pin-dolly" and remembered my pretty stamped ones so I immediately put one to use! The paper clip was to mark the half-way spot.

There is 66 inches of trim here. At almost the last minute, I decided to see how long it took me to tat one repeat. It's between 4 and 5 minutes. So with 66 repeats, it took me approximately 5 1/2 hours. That doesn't count winding and refilling the shuttles or retro-tatting. I thought it would be longer but it does go pretty fast.

Here's a motif from the last ROT newsletter. It's a design by Jennifer Williams and meant to be tatted onto a "plastic press fastener" which in US terms is a sew-on plastic snap. I don't know how I missed the snap part but I did. So I just tatted the 3 layers together. There is a leaf too but I need to figure out what I'm going to put in the center first. They show a big center bead or several small seed beads. It could end up being a brooch or some kind of trim on something.

I've been playing with lace more than I really should this weekend. I had good intentions to clean out a room, partly to find my lucet and partly because it's been on my agenda for a long time. At this point though, I'm going to leave pretty soon to visit an aunt who is recovering from surgery and then visit another aunt and uncle who are visiting here from Texas. I did start the room last night and found a pillowslip partially embroidered that I brought out to finish. I have no idea where the second pillowslip is though.

I also found a tin full of tatting.

I'm impressed with how organized so many tatters are as they expressed how they displayed and stored their tatting in the comments to my last post. Not the case here! As I sit here at my desk, I see a couple of motifs hanging on a little thingie on the wall. several are on the top of this desk, on top of and inside of small ceramic containers, on several shelves of the bookcase next to my desk, in various drawers of the storage cubes behind me, in some boxes and binders here and there on the floor, on the sewing table....and that's just this room.

I think it's hopeless!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Ah, not only my very good friend but also a soul mate when it comes to organisation of 'things'!!!!! I'm constantly organising and re-organising myself and then forgetting what I've done and where it is!!! I'm great with gifts, though. It's only my own work I'm hopeless with!!!

  2. Your doily is lovely! The negative space really makes it pop - great work!

    When I think about organizing my tatting supplies, a song pops into my head - "To Dream the Impossible Dream"!!

  3. Isn't Bri's motif pretty? I'm using two colors, and I love they way it looks.

    Organization?! I was looking around my "sewing" room this morning, and I realized that if I devote the one bedroom upstairs to my knitting/crocheting/weaving stuff, I might be able to find my sewing and tatting stuff.

    Daughter Joanne is coming down to visit this week. I wonder if I can trick her into helping me out? : )

  4. i thank you so much for introducing me to that particular edging. i've seen it before but i just disregarded is really fun to tat. and thats why all older patterns need to be re tatted to spice up interest. thanks again :)

  5. I love Bri's doily tatted in the purples!

  6. Pretty motif by Jennifer Williams. And you did a nice job on Bree's motif. Interesting you say it is easy to tat...

    I have some of my thoughts to post about it on tat-ology as I am about to display my own test-tatter pic! Your version is very pretty in purple.
    Fox : )

  7. Gina, thank you for being a tester, I think you did a superb Job, I appreciate the comments and input :X well done and excellent job, thank you.


  8. Very nice Gina. Love the purple. Your pillowcase trim is coming along nicely.

  9. Love Bree's flake in the purples! That motif from ROT has lots of possibilities.

  10. That doily is beautiful! And I like that little flower like motif too! :)

  11. Your doily is lovely, your work space sounds a bit like mine, only I have a coffee table with a couple of plastic boxes with bits in and then the rest of the dinning with my card making stuff, my craft is fast taking over the whole house and hubby not happy all I want is a craft room!!!

    Beautiful flower which will look lovely as a brooch.



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