Thursday, August 04, 2011

We've finally had a break in the heat wave! It stayed under 90º today and there was a nice breeze. The perfect summer day!

I've been testing for Martha a bit more. This is just a hint. I think some things should be a surprise!

Here are some earrings I ordered on Etsy recently. I only saw the big ones and ordered those, commenting about them possibly being too big for me to wear and she graciously sent the smaller pair too, which I did wear the other day. I actually bought them for the inspiration. Can't you see several tatted blossoms inside a bangle?

BTW, the trim for the pillowslip is more than half done. I'm still debating about adding an actual edging on edge.

I took a peek in my "inspiration" folder this evening. many ideas.....

Chewie is doing quite well. I see she is actually grooming herself this evening. I plan to call and make an appointment for the other cat soon.


  1. The test tat reminds me of a flowering cactus. Will we be getting a peek into your inspiration folder?

  2. The test tat makes me think you are doing something with flowers?

    Thanks for sending a little heat over the pond, we had two locely hot days but today its cooled off a bit.

  3. I couldn't help but notice the "Goddess" name on the business card! And I'm amazed she made the smaller earrings also. At first I thought they WERE tatted! Those have to be tiny metallic pieces!

    I look forward to more of Jane's posts about her trip! So glad you got together.


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