Friday, August 26, 2011

#17 of 25 Motif Challenge

This is the last edging of Plate 2 in the vintage D.M.C. Tatting publication that I'm using for the 25 Motif Challenge.

Plate 2, Figure 14

It's a common one that I'm sure you've seen many times in various forms and I even have an example at the end of this post.
The instructions are ....tiresome...and like I usually do, I sketched out what I was reading. They designate the 4th picot in the beginning ring to be small which is because it is a joining picot.

I thought I'd show my sketch this time instead of numbering the stitches on the sample. Again, I chose not to crochet the header.

I thought it turned out well. Tatted, as usual, in DMC Special Cordonnet size 20 thread.

It just happened that later in the day, I was cleaning up piles of magazines and books that tend to accumulate in my bedroom. I found this article in Sew Beautiful from 2000 (not in my room since 2000!). See that edging? I don't believe it has 3 picots on the side that attaches to the cushion and it looks like the stitch count on the chain leading to the bottom ring is fewer than my sample, but basically it's the very same edging!

I've already done Plates III & IV so I will do Plate V next. It's a lot more involved, with tatted motifs attached to netting. I may substitute something else for the netting, like maybe some hardanger cloth.


  1. "DMC Special Cordonnet size 20 " ??

    This must be a typo!

    I like this as an edging for socks and have used it successfully without any border. It is even pretty in plain old white as you have shown so well.
    Fox : )

  2. I think it turned out well, too! Funny finding that same edging design in the magazine.

  3. Fox, My sample is done in size 20 and it does turn out larger than what you usually see it tatted from. I even measured it and then forgot to post it but it's almost 1 1/2 inches long, probably 1 1/4 inch without the slightly oversized picots I tatted. It makes a very dainty edging in size 70 or 80.

  4. I'm guessing the article didn't give instructions for the lace (did they even mention it was tatted?). Sometimes they would show these cute items to embroider or cross stitch, but would say - 'add some lace around the edge.' But what really enhances the item is the tatting!!

    I did this edging 'way back when' on a heart sachet, and gave it as a gift, but at least I do have a photo somewhere. I've seen the edging in several books.

    You're really zipping through all these Plates!

  5. Kathy, Sew Beautiful has never given directinos on making lace that I've seen. They often tell where you can purchase tatted lace by the yard however. I recently read of another blogger who bought tatting already made. It's not cheap, but compared to the time and skill in making it, it is. This is a Martha Pullen publication and most of their supplies are quality materials. I suppose I should get over this sick feeling I get when I see people cutting up hand made lace for crafts. I saw a glass globe light online yesterday covered with vintage doilies. It dosn't matter that I'm not really a doily fan, I appreciate and value the time and skill that went into making them and to see them glued together, forever ruined, bothered me in spite of the beauty of the globe.

  6. Thanks for the response! I know that Martha Pullen's TV show often mentioned tatting, and I remember she talked about being able to purchase it. I never saw her magazine, but now I realize it had a source for the tatting.

    If the 'Happy Holidays' lace was purchased, I wonder how they hid the 'join'. Can't imagine how to cut it and weave(?) it together when it isn't hidden in a sewn seam, such as on a garment.

  7. I just love these edges. They create thoughts of Victorian ladies having tea in the parlour with beautiful lace (or tatted) edged table linen.


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