Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to work today so my needlework production will slow down as well as domestic production. I did find a bookcase yesterday at Target for $25. It will hold the DVD's and videotapes until I find the cabinet type I'm looking for. I need another bookcase in my craft room so this one will eventually find its way there.

Kitty #2 is getting sheared today but my son had to take him since I'm back to work. I can't wait to see his naked furry self later. (CAT, not son) I am hoping it will improve his disposition but I'm not counting on it. He used to be so docile and the scaredy cat of the bunch but in the past few years as he's aged, he's gotten crochety and aggressive. His fur is not matted like the other one's was but he does not clean himself and undesirable bits stick to the fur in undesirable places.

I do have a bit of tatting to show.

This is a birdie pattern from Anna, May 2001. There were about 6 variations and actually the tails on all were very long picots with a bead here and there. I decided to stick with shorter picots for the time being. This one is very small, maybe 1 1/2 inch square. I added the bead to the eye differently too. The original had it sitting on top of the picots.

For those of you who remember the old Anna Magazine, (link is to the new verison) they had pull-outs that contained the patterns and graphs. The page with the images had a diagram and that's what I went by but I should have copied the pull-out too or at least referred to it. I had scanned this page while sorting through a storage tub and didn't realize I'd need the pull-out or I would have kept the magazine out. No matter as I just wanted to get a feel for the way the bird tatted up. They used two colors with the darker on the outside of the split rings. I do think it's cute but would probably make a few changes if I tat it again. I like the chains inside which create a nice effect.

I just noticed the current version is Summer 2010 so I wonder if this one has also gone out of production?


  1. I think I might be able to help you I have every copy of Anna (I think theres one missing) since around 1973/4. until they stopped producing it in English about 4/5 years ago. I was sad to see this magazine go but its still printed in Europe in German I saw it on holiday in Italy but it had no tatting/lace knitting in June so I never brought. I took a long time explaining to my husband that even if the writing is in german all I need is the picture and the graph. Every time we go on holiday I search out a newspaper shop to see if I can get a copy, this is the first time for many holidays I have found one and it did not have any tatting ..... I was very upset.
    Whe I get time I am going to search out this copy and the pattern to try. thank you for reminding me I have this magazine.
    By the way my husband wants to get rid of all my crafting stuff its taking over the house..... I'll divoice him before I get rid my crafting things.

  2. The bird is a cutie tweety. Anna has not expired but the magazine has deeply changed. I don't like it so much as I used to do. You can look it up here: http://www.shop.oz-verlag.de/113/?cid=933&gclid=CJvwo9eP1qoCFUch3wody3iT-Q

  3. I had a subscription with Burda when it stopped publication of Anna. I was given the option of continuing my subscription with another publication or getting a refund. I chose the refund. About a year later, a new revised version of Anna came out but it was a different format and did not focus on the features I liked about the original Anna so I did not buy it. The pictures in Anna were always so beautiful but it has been my experience that the instructions were not as clear as they could have been. They relied heavily on charts and diagrams,not always explaining terms, but it was a German publication and assumptions often get lost in the translation. It made my brain work harder.

  4. Sweet tweet! Cute bird, Gina.

  5. Just wanted you to be the first one to receive a comment from me from my cute portable netbook while sitting at a car cruise (via my MiFi gizmo). First internet connection away from home! I'm only 10 years behind everyone else!!! The real challenge would be for me to do a POST away from home!

    Went to the Vicary Mansion event last week, and was SURPRISED AND DELIGHTED that Carol Lawecki joined her mom (Peg), Evelyn, and me for a pleasant afternoon. I got to see Carol's famous 'elephant' (by Pam Palmer) in person again. Gorgeous - beautifully tatted in all different colors and beads!

    Waiting (sort of) to see the 2nd shaved cat!


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