Friday, August 19, 2011

Someone mentioned I hadn't shown shaved cat #2. For some reason, it didn't seem like as drastic of a change with him. He almost always manages to turn away from the camera or shut his eyes.

He didn't get sedated and it seemed like even more of his fur was taken off. It did NOT improve his disposition at all. He really is as fat as I thought he was but still not as fat as Diogi. He also has this loose bag of skin that hangs underneath and you can tell he's not used to so much skin making contact with whatever he is laying on. But he IS cleaner and more comfortable overall. I think it's also helped with fur bunnies I find everywhere. His were distinctive and I'm not seeing any new ones.

School starts on campus next week so there was a flurry of traffic today. For the past 3 days I've fielded more calls and emails in my area than I have all summer. Returning and new staff are wanting ergonomic assessments last week. Too bad. We get there when we get there, which is really pretty darned quick compared to the weeks it used to take.

So I felt a very strong need to get completely away from campus during my lunch hour. Yep, I gave up a good parking space to drive across the bridge and down 26 til I got to Hobby Lobby. luck would have it, they were having a 50% off sale on ribbons and trims. I'm almost as bad about ribbons as I am beads. I always have ideas tumbling around in my head about tatting around these trims and when I see a sale on them, I have to hold myself down. Even so, this is what I ended up with. I don't know why I keep getting ricrac. I have several metallics and printed reels already. Now, if I can figure out how I want to use them!

I caved on these beads which were also 50% off. They're not bright and colorful but the darker subdued colors will likely go well with Autumn tattings. If not, I can always use them in beading. I liked that they had 2 sizes of the same color combos.

Part of this inspiration is a result of the Enabler striking my house! You might remember that Diane, the Lace-Lovin' Librarian, gave Sue Anna that very apt moniker. She offered me a skein of HDT by Yarnplayer and I wasn't going to turn that down! I had no idea she would gift me with such a wonderful bounty. Aren't those lucious jewel-like colors?

I think I'm set for the weekend now! Many thanks to the Enabler for her wonderful generosity!


  1. Now HE looks embarrassed! It looks like you have miniature lions . . .

    What is it with ribbon, beads and thread? Geez, I love it all! That Enabler is very, very bad. In a good way, of course :)

  2. You're right! This kitty doesn't look nearly as scary as the other one! It's funny to see the 'spots' on the skin. Sort of like a dairy cow! (No offense
    !:) Love the tail, too!

    I'm staying out of the craft stores these days, for exactly this reason; but I'm glad you got a break from work!

    I was the lucky winner of Marilee's beautiful threads recently, and still enjoy just looking at them!

    (We're home already from the car cruise. It was canceled due to a weird 'isolated' thunderstorm (no wind, fortunately) that poured down rain. Of course, after we got home at 7 pm, the sun came out!)

  3. Kathy - Oh, Car Cruise! I totally missed that even though I knew you had that wonderful car! Sounds like you had a great time!

    Happy Bluebird - and that I've got my fabric all in one place, more or less...I'm appalled at how much I have and how little I do with it. Something has to change!

  4. Love those luscious threads! And beads and ribbon...on sale? What luck! and what a nice haul.

  5. WOW, the enabler is SO generous. Yarnplayer's threads are so yummy too. I love to sit and look at mine - takes me ages to use them because I like seeing them in the skeins. Poor naked cat!!! Bet he feels better, though.

  6. Love the tuft on the end of his tail.

    I love tatting enablers!

  7. Lovely ribbons, trims, beads and threads, all yummy. Your cat looks sorry for himself but I bet he feels coooler.

  8. I adore ric rac and trims don't need a use for them. Just having them is use enough!!


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