Saturday, August 20, 2011

These birds are addictive! And quick!

Earlier in the summer, Val showed some motifs she tatted from Kimono Threads which she purchased during a visit to Hong Kong. I expressed an interest in them and she very kindly sent me some samples...twice. The first mailing apparently got lost in the mail and she went out of her way to send me another set of samples along with a pretty hanky and a tatted cross that I posted about HERE.

So I tatted both birds with the samples. The thread reminds me of Omega Rayon cord only much finer, but it says it is cotton. I wonder if it is a blend? Anyway, it tats up very nicely. I wondered how the black and white would work up but the bird isn't really big enough to show the changes significantly. The bird reminds me of a chickadee in this thread.


  1. Really cute birds!

  2. The birds are so cute! Guess which one I like? The blue one! : )

  3. hmm.. i still don't see birds! well, i do if i ignore the bead you said was the eye... but i'm very confused... which is par for the course, i suppose!

  4. That thread looks wonderful. Lucky you!

    Fox : )

  5. They look lovely and beautiful thread

  6. They are adorable little birds. The gray and black one is unusual and the blue one is cute.


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