Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Check out Get Crafty. Down near the bottom there is an ad for a crocheted skull. The cool part though, is that you can click on the link and it will download (you have to have flash for it to show) and then when you put your cursor over the skull, it spins like crazy!

I finished the chemise and one skirt tonight. I'd like to make another skirt, although they are so bulky with those dingy drawstring waists..................and Cathy is letting me borrow a cap in case I don't get mine made. People are so funny. Cathy mentioned in her email that there was a chance of rain on Saturday but Sunday looked very good. Then Wilma, our dept. secretary, Ms. Doom & Gloom, made a point of telling me thunderstorms were predicted both Saturday and Sunday. I'm counting on the sunny day myself.


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