Sunday, September 14, 2003

I bought these two shuttles at The Feast of the Hunter's Moon. The smaller one is brass and the other is a pierced bone shuttle. Same pierced design as the one I got at I.O.L.I., but this one is narrower. I was hoping they were a different design too, but that's okay. Actually, I got this one cheaper. Plus, the dear man took a dollar off each one since I was getting 2 of them. Whoo-whee!

It rained through the night, which did cool things off, but they warmed in the afternoon. I was getting sweaty in all those clothes! After my time slot of demonstrating, I walked around and checked everything out. Only bought the 2 shuttles. I was kind of looking for some yarn to knit a shawl for the next feast, but I didn't find any I considered affordable. $10.00 per skein................probably a fair price for hand-spun and dyed, but I've seen better hand spun and dyed, so I decided to look around for awhile.

Lots of good stuff to I ignored my diet for the day. I've lost 10 pounds, it's okay to have an off day. Before my demo, I had an herbed pork chop, an apple sundae, and a lemon drink. Then after, I got some smelt and a diet coke, then found an apple dumpling, and then a honey butter croissant. If I'd known there were apple dumplings at the other end, I would not have gotten the sundae - it was just apple slices drizzled in caramel with peanuts, but it would have been easy to pass up. Then I had no room for French Onion Soup, or Ham & Beans, or Corn on the cob, or a buffalo burger, or Voyager Stew, or................lots of other stuff. But I definitely wanted an apple dumpling and a french pastry.

If I eat at all tonight, it will be a lettuce salad. I don't want anything else that is heavy.

I wasn't well prepared for the Feast this year. I was so busy getting my outfit done that I didn't look up any background historical stuff to refresh my memory. I almost forgot to bring some extra thread. Maybe next year.

The Iroquois were dancing and socializing again. Same people, I recognized the singer. Then there was a celtic band.......singing bawdy songs and having a great time with the crowd. Watched a bit of the canoe races. It was a lovely day even if it was warm with the clothing.

Well, time to catch up on chores here at home.


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