Sunday, September 07, 2003

Well, here are the remnants of Tat Day with Heirloom Corner. It was a joint effort, with Kaye Judt, Mary Harris, and Jennifer Titus sharing preparations. Jennifer held it in her quilt shop, The ZigZag Corner. It was a little challenging to find, but I only went past it once. Last year I had a devil of a time finding the location, which was different from this one. There were many of the same faces, plus a few new ones. I remembered to take photos this year - last year, we all forgot. There was a little mixer to remind ourselves what we had in common. Then we had show and tell. Merie has a beautiful shawl in the works. I love the shuttle collection of Carol's. Too many individual items for me to remember now.

Then we broke for lunch - prepared by Jennifer and delicious!

We had a class by Mary Harris showing us how to do the lockstitch chain, up there in the upper right. I stumbled around a bit at first, but then you can see where I "got it". She also showed us how to make the same size picots on a ring, using a crochet hook or other round cylinder to measure. Then Kaye showed us how to make the motif I have started in pink and blue. She had it done in red and white and it looked candy-striped. I only got 2 of the 4 rings done right. Clearly, I'm going to need to practice this technique. Then we had a tat-off, run by Mary Harris and Mary Ann won that. That's what the white edging is - my practice strip. We all ended up with prizes though. And in between it all, we went in and shopped in Jennifer's shop. I ended up getting 3 balls of size 80 thread.

And we got this incredibly nice tote bag with a pocket!

It really is so much fun getting together with other tatters!


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