Thursday, September 18, 2003

I finished another hummer last night but I'm still not happy with it. It's that tail end that I can't figure out exactly how I want it. I'm scrapbooking at my sister's tonight so I may not have time to work it out, but I'm off tomorrow afternoon - going hunting for carpet and running some other errands I've not been able to get to.

Got another fake ebay email yesterday. Two in 2 days. I just forward them on to Ebay's spoof/spam section. Every time they tell me it's fraud. Good thing. If I had thought it was real, I wouldn't have bid on the MP3 player I got for my son's birthday. He found it yesterday so I bid and ended up winning. LOL! The seller just lives in the next town over. Could almost go pick it up.

The last tea-for-one that I bid and won was actually 2 of them..........and I don't want 2, so I'll be listing that extra one before long. If I ever have time to list stuff again. I'm looking for another digital camera too. Mine is outdated for the computer, altho I could probably find a patch or new drivers that adapt, but I want something that does detail better. At the time, it was a decent camera. I'll see what my sister has tonight too.

I'm looking for other tatting blogs. So far, I've only found 4 or 5 true tatting blogs. There are tons of knitting ones, but I want TATTING! I'm going to create links here for your viewing pleasure. I'll also link some tutorials that are good. One of my appointments today for an ergo expressed a desire to learn to tat, so we'll get together one of these days and do that.

I'm also picking up some reliable info for thumbnails so I can put more detailed photos on to link to.

Almost time to go!


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