Monday, September 22, 2003

Here is a bookmark I made a few years ago. I saw it in an exchange or website and was intrigued by the interwoven picots. I finally tracked down the person who made it and she was able to give me the following directions to help me work out my own.

Each chain has 4ds, 1 lpic, 1ds, 1lpic, 1ds, 1lpic, 4ds, 1lpic, 1ds, 1lpic,
1ds, 1lpic, 4ds........ does that help? ;o) ( per Cygnett777 - I still don't know her name).

While visiting Bina's page, I found one done by Riet. I like the form of hers a bit better. It looks like the directions are in Dutch, if that is them behind the photo. Perhaps that was where mine originally came from - I do remember I decided to make the clovers instead of rings, but I'm not sure what else I changed. It found a home elsewhere so I don't have it anymore.


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