Sunday, June 08, 2003

Here is the latest moosehead! Tatted in sulky quilt thread, it measures much smaller. This would work for earrings.

I didn't mention where I got the pattern. Dianna Stevens is the designer of this critter - an inspiration during her days in Alaska.

The sulky quilting thread is slightly smaller than size 80. I'm not sure if it's the looser twist or what, but it's not exactly the same. It does tend to shred if you don't pick it apart carefully when retrotatting.

I finished the lavendar crocus today. Two of the flowers are in size 20 and two are in the turkish thread size 50, which I always thought tatted up the same but they are definitely different sizes. The 20 crocuses came out larger. I got some stamens over the weekend and hope to finish those up soon. Our county fair is in July, so I need to be deciding what to enter. I have big ideas in the winter but as it gets closer, I have to settle for what is already done!


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