Monday, June 02, 2003

There's an online class to do the split cluny tonight! Split cluny appears to be a new technique. I don't really like to do clunys because I don't do them enough to be consistent or even good at it. It's a nice change of texture though, so I really would like to get better. There is a violet spray pattern to go along with the lesson and I'm thinking you could use any flower motif. Think I'll be trying this out pretty soon...........after the bonnet and the bookmarks and the crocuses.

I started a tatted moose last night. Wish I could find the printout with the photo - the graphic is broken on the site I got it from but I printed it out a long time ago - it's buried in tons of printouts in a storage tub that I haven't had time to go through. I want to get this one done, see if there is way to make a bookmark with it, and also try an earring version.


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