Thursday, June 26, 2003

I've spent hours the last two nights trying to separate this floss. It's a cotton floss and not the smoothest of threads. It gets fuzzy and that creates tangles. It's soooooo pretty though. I bought several different ones at Hobby Lobby on sale for $.30 each. I have a habit of trying to separate 2 strands at a time but in an experiment with rayon floss, I found it easier to get one thread out at a time intact.. Belatedly, like halfway through, I remembered that with this, and sure enough, if I only pulled one thread, it went more smoothly. I'm still soothing out some snarls however so it will be awhile before I get to tat with it.

I have a couple of more goals for this site when I have time. One is to get the links listed on the sidebar. The other is to learn how to do thumbnails so you can see the scan in more detail. I try to keep it smaller on the page so that loading time isn't so much, but then you can't see as well. I know I like to see DETAILS - especially for certain stitches.


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