Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This is that single shuttle motif. I'm thinking this might be a good shuttle emptying project. As long as the thread is the same size, I could keep joining motifs and end up with a patchwork sort of mat. It might get interesting. Looking at it here, I think you could make the side small rings even smaller and make the big rings bigger, even make an onion ring or two there, change the bottom samll ring to have only 1 picot - and you'd have a butterfly!

I added LINKS to the sidebar, but need to change the color and then add the links. I was guessing it would show up and it's so slow loading here at home, I think I'll wait til tomorrow to add links - if I have time. It's a busy week.

I'd scan my other 2 shuttles from lace day and the picot guage.................but I'm concerned about how long it takes to load the page. I'm thinking there are too many images for now. Or maybe it's just a super slow connection today.

Well, I've piddled around and it's almost too late to get my walk in, but I'm going to anyway.


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