Friday, June 13, 2003

I can't believe how little I've tatted the last few weeks!

I found a bookmark pattern on Melinda's Tatting Exchange site which I didn't even know about until she posted she was closing it down due to time constaints. I like the pastel variegated thread on this one.

I'm already bored with the idea of a moose bookmark........but I happened to have some little square frames from the dollar store that will frame that smaller moose head perfectly. I might do a few of those in addition to bookmarks - earrings are out. I'd have to do two mooseheads for every pair in that tiny thread.....nooope, not fun, I decided.

I also need to be thinking about the county fair - my fan will go in one category. Maybe I could get the bonnet finished by then too.

Speaking of bonnets, it's June, the wedding month, and here is an updated version of the heirloom handkerchief/baby bonnet. Can't see the photo very well, but the instructions are more detailed than before. This one doesn't actually have any tatting, but that's a simple edging to put on. If you go to the projects page of this site there is a cute stuffed fish that is actually a cat bed!
Actually it is a Simplicity pattern with Elna embroidery instructions, but I can adapt. I like the napkin cuffs too - if I ever have a formal table setting.

This might be a good time to finish cleaning the sewing room out.........and SEW! If it continues to rain this weekend, I will do just that. I need to make a little stuffed something to put all my tatted boo-boos on too. I'm not really a teddy-bear person. Maybe a monkey? ROTFL!


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