Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I ordered Tatted Artistry from Georgia today - well, I have to paypal her but still, it's ordered. It's by Teiko Fujito, who also designed Tatted Fashions, the book I got the edging pattern that I used for the last bookmark. You can see Tatted Artistry and a sample of the pattern style here.

Sigh.........I've got 1/2 hour to get started on that bonnet edge. I think I have to wind a shuttle too.

Here's a shuttle I bought during our Lace Day in April. The tiny bonnet is a result of my first attempt at recreating the center of the Dorcas Bonnet, shown earlier in this blog. The flower is one I made while emptying shuttles. The yellow is rayon floss and the green is thread with a blending filament. I should put some sheer ribbons on the bonnet, tiny 1/8 inch ribbon ties.

Well, I would at least like to get the shuttle wound.


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