Thursday, July 03, 2003

Egad! I'm leaving for vacation on August 2nd. Barely a month from now. I'll be visiting the east coast, from VA up to VT and maybe even Montreal. I haven't even posted in any of my tatting lists to see if I could meet up with anyone. I'm already meeting 10 people from some other lists I'm on and don't think I can squeeze in any more, but maybe I should ask where the good tatting shops are. I have to bring back a shuttle!

If anyone reading this is from VA, NJ, NY, MA, CT, VT or Montreal..........and you know a good tatting source, pop in over there on the right and email me or leave a comment.

Yikes, I'm going through OH, maybe I could stop for a second and see Gail? I will be stopping in at the Lace convention in NJ - the sales room, probably on the 6th. I can't afford the convention and classes themselves, but I'm sure I'll buy something there to support the whole shebang!

I'll be in NJ for several days, but part of that time I will be in NY, commuting from NJ. I'm thinking I better get back into the tatting mode this weekend. I was planning on taking several bookmarks with me as momentos.

For some reason I didn't tat at all last night - I was on the computer, but I'm not sure I really accomplished anything. LOL!


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