Monday, July 07, 2003

Great surprise tonight! My books from Georgia came. Tatted Artistry by Teiko Fujito. Copies of the Bath Tatting Book and Mlle. Riego De La Branchardieere. I'd borrowed both of those from I.O.L.I. and there is so much in there, so I ordered them.

I recommend joining I.O.L.I. to anyone interested in lace. I love using their lending library - I get to look at something and then decide if I want to buy it. Since I have to order almost everything I buy related to tatting, it's a great help. I used to go to Heirloom Corner, but someone else has it now and I'm not exactly sure where it is, and it's even more out of my way now than before. I'm reluctant to buy much thread by ordering too. Gale Marshall has a whole new line that looks nice, and I'll probably order a ball or two, just to try it. But I can tell my monitor isn't showing the colors true.

Aaacckkk! I just remembered my newest Anna came today too! I'm getting 6 month subscriptions at a time, much easier on the purse. I really only want the May issue for the tatting, but since I do all that other stuff, or used to before I was bitten by the tatting bug, I thought I'd sub for awhile.

For now though, I better go wash dishes.

sigh............forgot to pick up my prescription refills tonight.


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