Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Yeppers! Got the crocuses wrapped! I have a small clear glass vase to put them in. Since I can't find my book with the categories, I'll have to wait until I get there to decide if I have to leave anything out. Got the ribbon on the bonnet, altho the rosette didn't work out so instead of stressing myself, I put a simple cut into the ribbon and added some beads where it attaches on the bonnet. I mounted the fans on that plastic foam felt? whatever it is called. Funky Foam Sheet. The earrings have been done and in a baggie for ages. I AM READY!!!

Of course, this is the 6th night in a row that I missed exercising.................so I have to get at it tomorrow!

Tonight I had Hamburger Helper Oven Lasagna . It's a box I picked up at Big Lots, so evidently it didn't sell too well. I added onions, peppers and mozarella cheese to make it better and it was pretty darn tasty, if I do say so. And not too huge a dish which is great since it's only Jesse and me.

I didn't get a hand-spanked burger today like 2 others did. I ordered a quesidilla - HA! It was frozen taquitos they deep fried. Very disappointing. This place used to be called The Squirrel Cage - a very rough bar back in "the old days". Now it's just a cheesy little dive. But that's what this group does on Tuesdays. They call it the lunch dive day. Saw another guy I used to work with at the Heating and Air place years ago. We saw one last Friday when we went to Tom's Parkside Deli - another little place that is old and dark and dingy, but the food there is excellent. I want to go again some Thursday night and have smelt. I love smelt, but never get it.

Well, now I can get back to the other stuff I'm way behind on. Maybe this time next week, I'll be showing some pretty show ribbons on here!!!


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