Saturday, July 19, 2003

Whoo Hoo! I popped into the Fair tonight to check out how my stuff did. I got a Purple ribbon for the baby bonnet! 3 firsts, and 1 second. The crocuses took a second. There was another tatter entered this time! Very cool. She got a reserve (lavendar) ribbon on one item and a first on the other. In the jewelry - I forgot all about my amulet bags - I meant to borrow one back and enter it! Next year!

I was in a few antique stores earlier today - had some time to kill before an appointment. I was pleased to see tatting in one. Not only that, there were a pair of small antimasscars in one window display for $52 for the pair. Vintage. You don't see tatting priced for what it's worth very often. I also saw a towel or runner with a tatted edging - said vintage - but it was maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inches - so not a simple ring and chain edging. Didn't see any shuttles though. I've found them in this town before, but the ends never met so I didn't get them. I did buy a crocheted edging that looked like it had been the border on a fabric center and another doily - both of the same pineapple design. There were several feet of edgeing of that design too, but I didn't get it. I just wanted these for samples. The thread is tiny. I have them soaking in Oxi Clean right now - and just checked - they look good. They had several brown places and looked dingy. The border has some broken places in it. I'll scan them when they're all cleaned and blocked.

I found another tatting blog! Here is the latest version of Tat Ergo Sum.
And here is the earlier version. Not only does she tat, but she had a photo on site that was taken in Ireland of Johnny Fox's Pub, where I took my boys last year when we visited. We loved that place! She also has some excerpts of The Prophet, by Kahil Gibran, one of my favorites!


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