Thursday, July 03, 2003

Here is step 1 of the self closing mock ring (SCMR). The ds for the chain are done and you're getting ready to make the SCMR. You hold the chain thread as usual. Create a loop from the ring shuttle thread by looping it over a finger - I used my ring finger here - and then make the initial ds for the SCMR. In this case it starts with 3 ds. For step 2, drop the ring shuttle and start a ring with the ball shuttle.

This SCMR is made up with 3 ds chain between the 3 ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds rings and there are 7 rings in this particular pattern. You just continue to alternate, using the ball shuttle for the rings and then dropping it and picking up the ring shuttle when doing the chain stitches.

Once the sequence of rings and chains are done, you take the ring shuttle and insert it through that first loop that was made. You need to make sure your chain stitches are tucked in nice and close before you do each ring so there aren't any gaps. Be careful too, when you do that because it is easy to pull that core thread and decrease the size of your loop inadvertently. Of course, you can always pull it bigger, but you don't want to accidently close it and lose your work!

Then pull on the ring shuttle thread and close just like you do a normal ring. You might need to go a little slower since there are considerably more stitches and it has a tendency to get stuck. When you are done, it looks like this.

You can get those directions from here.


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