Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I bought some funky feeling black foam/felt and some styrofoam to mount my fan on last night. Also bought a knitted amulet bag kit on clearance for something like $2.95, originally $11 something. It includes some 0000 knitting needles! I also found some variegated metallic thread in the bead section for $.99 that I thought I'd try - good for earrings, I'll bet. I was at Hobby Lobby and they had a bunch of home decor stuff on clearance. I didn't have time to go through much of it though. I saw their Victorian type metal shuttles were on clearance for half-price too - I've already got some and don't want any more.

I also bought some white ribbon to make rosettes and ties for the baby bonnet. Then I seemed to spend a lot of time last night looking for the book that told me how to make the rosette. I never did find it, but I think I remember. It's a running stitch that goes in repeated arches, but the distance between each segment gets smaller or bigger, depending on how you start out, then you pull the thread and it draws the ribbon into a puffy little flower. I've got a sheer ribbon with slender bands on each side. I also bought some plain sheer ribbon, in case I mess it up or don't like it. So I brought it with me today thinking I might do the rosette on my lunch hour.

Except I'm supposed to go to lunch with some coworkers - going to the place that advertises hand-spanked burgers! LOL!

I also got some leaves last night and happened to come across my floral tape, so I might finish up those crocuses and put them in a tiny vase and enter them in home decor. I'm gonna put that tatting everywhere I can just to get people to remember there is such a thing.


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