Monday, July 14, 2003

I tatted a couple more moose heads over the weekend. Today I looked up entry times for county fair stuff. I ended up having to call an extension office, not even sure it was the right one - but it was. Wednesday between 6 - 8 pm and Thursday morning 8 - 10 am. I really should mount my fans on something. Already have 3 other errands tonight so I'm not sure I can pick something up - and I hate waiting till the last minute.

I don't think anything I'm entering is super special in terms of skill/execution of stitchs. I know there are mistakes, but they still look good and I want tatting to be part of the fair. I wish I could find my booklet so I can know for sure which categories to enter. I'm entering a pair of earrings in the hand-made jewelry category. I think the baby bonnet will go in children's wear instead of tatting. I can only enter 2 items in tatting. Maybe I'll do one fan and the bonnet.

My co worker is going on vacation again next week. I really hate it because I have to do her work too, plus it's my week to carry the pager, which means I won't get diddly done and I'm just catching up from the last time. No matter, I'll be gone 2 weeks straight when I go - but she only has to cover 2 meetings for me. I have everything else done.

It's getting hot and muggy again.


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