Thursday, November 06, 2003

Another day, another point on the star! LOL! I don't think I'll get to finish it tonight - too many other things I had to catch up on. But very soon!

Scrapbooking at my sister's tonight, got another page done and started a new one. By the time I got home, not all that long ago, I had things to do and my daughter called about the weekend.............and suddenly, I'm out of time.

Got the latest issue of Anna today. This link actually goes to the Caron Threads site which then links to Anna, but the Anna link wouldn't work when I tried it. There are some nice free patterns on this site though. From the issue I got today, I liked the crochet lace edgings with gold along the outer edge. Nice Christmas touch. No tatting at all in this issue, but it put me in the Christmas mood.

Got my crinoline lady exchange partner this evening. I want to get started on it too!

I also ordered three spools of thread from Perfect Quilter. I got a sample from Nell once and really liked it but have never managed to get around to ordering some for myself. For one thing, I wonder if I will really use that much thread up. I'm already drowning in thread!

I'm looking for a tatted seashell pattern. If you know of one, please email me! Just click over there on the right to email me!


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