Saturday, November 22, 2003

Bummer! I just lost the bid on a shuttle I really really wanted. It's rare I want one that bad, but I did. Oh well. I hope the winner knows how to tat.

I've been getting my stuff ready to go to Hopie's on Monday. Can't find my wooden picot gauge on a ring. The last time I remember having it was at Tatting Day in Greenfield. I don't use them much so I haven't had reason to look for them. I'm so disappointed. Looked everywhere, in everything I might possibly have put them. One last place to look is in the car - maybe they fell out in there.

In the meantime, I got a new digital camera, though I don't have the software installed on the pc yet. I've managed to clean more than I expected while searching for the gauge. Worked on the little doily a bit more and I'm almost done with round 2.

As I started pulling out tatting stuff to take with me, I found about 3 UFO's to work on, plus several things I want to try and that will be more fun to tackle with a friend. I tend to take way more than I'll ever work on, but this is the first time I've gone to meet with a tatter too. Usually when I travel, I take something with me to work on during odd moments, times when I have to wait, so they are usually small and uncomplicated.

I missed a great event today with the Indy Tatting Guild. First I thought my dishwasher was going to be installed and only found out yesterday that it wouldn't but I decided I really did not have enough time and energy to make the hour plus drive each way with everything else I wanted to get done.

Well, I think I'll console myself with playing now.


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