Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I got some tatting in during my lunch hour and this evening. I'm working on another snowflake star from the same book. This one has some block tatting in it and I'm using 2 different colors. I'm down to the last 2 points and it will be done.

Right after work, I met with 2 other co-workers to work on our Spanish. One is a native to Spain and is our "teacher". I brought my copy of Realce so she could see what I wanted to translate. She loves my tatting. She told me her mother does bobbin lace and that is really big in Spain. She didn't call it bobbin lace though. She told me there were these long wood things and you move them back and forth, while she was going through the motions with her hands. (gg) Easy to recognize what she was talking about. So she learned from me too, that those tools are called bobbins and the method is bobbin lace. I couldn't tell what word she used. LOL! I knew enough Spanish before I met Elena that I could follow along and get the gist of the directions, but not enough to do it without the diagrams.

I'm finding in this German book I'm using, that it lacks arrows/symbols to tell you where the starting point is, but the written directions are easy enough to figure that out. However, the written directions don't tell you to reverse work, so I rely on the diagram for that. There is a translation of terms and abbreviations in the back and they've been immensely helpful. There is one more design in this book that I love and want to do. It looks like a bit larger project than the snowflakes though.

I saw the logo for fiber art blogs on Tatman's page so I joined that ring - don't think it's approved yet. I tried the etatter's webring before that but I couldn't get the logo to show up for some reason. I might try again later, because I did get the same message with this FA logo, but somehow I got it figured out.

Well, it's late & I'm tired. Tomorrow is scrapbooking day!


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