Friday, November 07, 2003

I love how fragile the lavender rings look on this. It really didn't take long to finish up. Using 2 colors does tend to show spots in the block so maybe one color would be more suitable for this one, but I do like it.

My lace group meets tomorrow morning. I haven't been to a meeting for a few months now. I need to get volunteers for Dickens of a Christmas in December. I'm feeling a bit burnt out on demonstrating myself, but I'll try to get a few hours in too.

I have a few seashell patterns now, but I suspect they are too small for what I want. The space is probably 4 x 6 inches and there are 3 of them. Maybe 3 x 5 inches. But I have some ideas and will work on them after I do my crinoline lady.

I'm watching my grandkids tomorrow overnight at their house so mom & dad can have a weekend away. That means I won't get much done here. I scheduled the phone company to come out one day next week and install a phone jack in one of the bedrooms that is now my sewing/craft room. I want to put my computer in there too, plus I got an estimate from an electrician about adding a few outlets and doing a few other things here. Sigh...............I had all this lined up to do by a friend once, but something came up so I'm back to square one. I want to get it done before Thanksgiving for sure. I still need to get new carpet in the living room but I have to wait until I can move stuff into the bedrooms and I don't want to do that until all the other work is done in there.

Think I'll go pick my colors for the crinoline lady now. But I won't be saying anything else about it, in case my partner reads this. Don't want to spoil the surprise!


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