Sunday, November 09, 2003

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Here's what I ended up with. I like the first shell, but I want to redo the second one. It was okay until I added all those picots around the bottom. Now it just looks fuzzy! LOL! So I will make another one, maybe shape it a little more and put a scallop on the bottom instead of picots. The thread is more of a pale muddied green and purple. It looks better on the first shell. I think I will try a snail shell without the snail too. I might open up the clamshell more - have spaces between the rows, so I don't have to tat so intensely.

There was a coconut shuttle from Rosita's (of course) that I wanted to bid on but didn't get back in time to do that. No matter - I am going to the Isle of Barbados anyway and will find my own shuttle. If they are that prolific there - then it will be worth it, plus the scenery and all! Whoo-whee!

No, I don't have it booked yet. Maybe over the winter.


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