Saturday, November 08, 2003

It's been a productive tatting day so far. I tatted through most of our lace meeting and had most of the crinoline lady done before I left. It is much smaller than I expected. Not sure why I thought it would be so big. Anyway, I finished it here at my daughter's. But I won't show it until my partner gets to see it first.

I've also tatted a seashell. None of what I saw was big enough. I have three spaces about 3 x 5 inches so a 1 inch motif isn't going to look right. I've got one shell done - just a freehand sort of thing but I think it turned out well. I used one of the new threads that I ordered (which arrived today). I think this one is called camouflage, but it is a variegated gray/beige. I'm working on another shell now, the flatter clamshell shape.

I'm watching the grandkids and we just got done watching NEMO. Such a cute story. I love Dorie! What a character!

Fortunately, I brought my styrofoam lid that I block tatting on and now have both items on there! Might have a third before the evening is over. I brought enough to keep me good and busy - as if these kids don't . LOL! Katie is 10, Michael is 9, and Richie is 7. Tommy is 16 and at a dance right now. He looked so nice in his dress clothes and tie. I love my family!


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