Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Wow, Wednesday already, which is nearly over too! It's been a full week and the next two nights are spoken for too. This morning I was home waiting on a phone guy to come and install a new phone jack -which took him less than 1/2 hour. Now I need another electrical outlet in that room and I can get things moving again. I got an estimate today - I already had one for several electrical things I need done, but decided to just do this for now. Then this weekend, someone is coming to install the dishwasher my sister gave me. Aaack! I still need to go get a garbage disposal - they're going to replace mine at the same time. sigh.......................

My granddaughter is in a play Friday night. Tomorrow night scrapbooking at my sister's.

I started another crinoline lady this morning. This one will be bigger, so I might send it instead of the one I've already finished. Assuming I have time to tat. I want to make the other clamshell too, with Mark's suggestion to space the rows with tiny rings. And I think a seahorse would be the perfect complement to the arrangement.

And in between, I'm trying to get things ready to go visit Hopie!!! We're going to compare notes about Lacis Day and Tatting days and books and threads and projects................I'm so excited!


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