Thursday, June 10, 2004

Banquet Dinner

Friday night was the banquet but there had been a change of plans. There were so many entries in the competition that they were unable to complete everything before the banquet so the awards were presented the next day during lunch. The rest of the program continued however. I have managed to put my program book in a very good safe place so I don't have exact details or names now.

The past president and new president of Palmettos spoke, telling us about their growth and future plans. They are sooooo excited about their future and they should be. It takes a lot of cooperation to make this work. Then we had a show and tell by a live model. Jane Henson (I hope that's right) modeled Hope Green's gorgeous Victorian dress. Hope sewed the skirt, blouse and vest from a Vogue pattern and tatted the seeming miles of trim. I don't remember the exact number of inches of tatting but I'm sure Hope can tell you. I left the photo of the outfit off the model in a bigger size so you can see the tatting better when you click on the thumbnail. There is tatting in the under petticoat.........hen & chicks and an insertion with ribbon running through it. Tatting is inserted in the skirt (black thread, mind you!) and the turquoise underskirt or lining of the skirt makes a striking contrast to the thread. There is a black tatted motif on the front waist of the skirt but because it's black, you can't see it in the photo. The blouse also has that same black thread insertion going down the arms and there is a black tatted band around the neck. This is a major accomplishment that any one of us would die for! However, it's not the only clothing Hope has tatted for. I hope we see more of her designs at future Palmetto events.

Then Jane Eborall and Sue Hanson spoke to us. Initially, their banter kept us in stitches, but in the end, they emphasized how we are setting the tone for future tatters and encouraged everyone to teach a young person over the course of the next year.

Sherry gave me her tatted bag during the banquet, but mine for her was in my room and I gave it to her afterwards. I hadn't scanned it and forgot to take a photo of it but Sherry was kind enough to do that for me. I made a little striver for her too, with a dragon charm, befitting the designer of a dragon design. The bag I made for Sherry was a miniature dorset bag trimmed in Oliver Twist purple variegated thread.

After that, there was a 9:00 - 12:00 midnight gathering in the lobby of the Admissions area. I've skipped mentioning the morning forums only because I didn't attend them and forgot, but there were 3 of them with panels of experts discussing different aspects of tatting. The late-night gathering was very informal and we shared and talked a lot. I showed my filet crochet snowman and some other things I had in a notebook. Then I looked at everyone else's "stuff" and lots of pics were taken too. By this time, I think we were beginning to get slap-happy from all the excitement. I went to bed shortly before midnight. There was an early morning event at 6:00 a.m. that I thought I might make it to..............and didn't. Hope & Karey gave a presentation titled "What can I tat with this?". I hear it was very interesting!

Tomorrow: the classes!!!!


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