Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Here's the motif I started in Karey Solomon's short class at Palmetto's. The teneriffe part was left up to us and since I have no idea what I'm doing, I've only done one tiny section....freehand, at that. All I have to go on are some instructions Cincy Wilma sent me some time back and those are for making the wheel on a template. In this class, we tatted a ring with very long picots and then after the tatting was done, you added the needlelace. Since I missed the beginning of class, I'm not sure how it was explained. My loss!

I did buy 2 templates from Snowgoose while there, so I'll get started on teneriffe yet. Needlelace, as I think of it, is different, but technically, teneriffe is truly needlelace. I want to do the kind that involves drawn thread work or cutouts in the fabric.

Today I went to St. Vincent DePaul's on my lunch hour. I only had a little time to "shop" but I found a metal teapot that I love, a short & top set, a framed bobbinlace doily, a small wicker suitcase that I plan to do some decorative painting on, and a bead necklace that I bought only for the beads! A very good haul indeed, for only 15 minutes and $16. Ha! That's a little over $1 per minute.

Last night I started on the butterfly and fernleaf collar that I posted instructions for right before I left for Palmetto's. I only had time to start the fern frond. I'm still not sure what I want to do with it ultimately. I don't wear tatted or crocheted collars but I can surely use the design on something! Right now I'm doing it in the equivalent of size 20 thread. hmmmm.....just had a thought..........I'll bet I could spiral that collar around a bolster shaped pillow. Made of elegant fabrics in a crazy quilt manner with decorative embroidery stitching........

so many ideas, so little time


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