Sunday, June 20, 2004

Tatted Jewelry at Palmettos

by Nina by Jane E. Mary Ruth P. Sharren M.

Sunday morning found me packed and ready to go after eating breakfast. I'd spent some time the evening before talking with Hope Green and Jane Moody, comparing notes about the event and looking at each others treasures. They are treasures, you know. Jane was wearing a filet crochet top she made. Lovely! I didn't get a photo, but I know Hope did. Before I took off, I also saw Sherry Townsend and we said our good-byes. It's so nice to meet people in person. Sherry is much more animated than I'd given her credit for, a strong and resourceful personality. There were so many people I didn't have the opportunity to talk with for long. Wally came in while we were playing the two-partner tatting the first day and sat right across from me but we didn't have a chance to talk at that point. It's great meeting people whose patterns I've used. Jane, Karey, Terry, Ruth, Mark, Nina, Martha, Irene.....and the people I've talked to off and on through the past 6 years, exchanged with, followed tatting conversation threads............Joy, Teresa, Deb, the Snogoose people,Sue, people - Laksami, Sheron, Karen, Erin, Rita, Joyce, and many faces whose names are still unknown to me.

I missed Wilma Walker and Mary Harris as well as Riet, who had all planned to be there. Maybe next year!

So off I went to see Witt who had also been unable to attend, but I knew soon enough before I left home that I could mapquest how to get to her. It was only a little over an hour to drive there and I stopped off the highway at an easily recognized location and called for them to meet me. They thought I would have trouble making the last part of the journey. 20 minutes later, John and Sharon Witt pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant and led me back to their home, Witt riding with me just in case I lost John along the way. Again, it was so great to put a face with a name and see the personality in motion. I showed her all my tatting and the ribbons and the goodies. I don't remember if I showed what I did in class, but I don't think I did. Too much chattering. They offered me a lovely lunch which we ate sitting out on the porch, surrounded by trees and flowers and sunshine. Then I got to visit the much loved chickens. Sorry, I don't remember their names.

It was lovely! I got a few pics before I left...........and yeah, Witt sent me on my way with 2 dozen freshly laid eggs. One was still warm from the hen! They also gave me some SC seashells from their collection to take home with me. The bag was made for Witt by someone else and I was admiring it.


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