Saturday, June 19, 2004

Last motif on Rose Garden Doily!

I'm on the last motif and hope to finish it sometime today and block it! Somewhere between home, the Taste, and bringing the grandkids home, that is. LOL!

I still have so many pics from Palmettos. This morning I edited several that were small - taking the elements out of a bigger photo so I could highlight them better. There were several necklaces so I'll do them all in one entry. I wish I had the knowledge and web resources to just put them all on a separate page and link there but I don't so I'm not sure how much more I will show here. It makes the page load slower for dial-up connections, even though I reduce the size of the pics considerably.

I found a motif on Needle Tatting Two that I want to experiment with as soon as I get my fair entries ready. I think the potential for something celtic jumps out at me from it. It's called Wild Flowers and there is no name attached so I assume it's Roger's design. I'm hoping to do something with the base of it.

Okay, before I get carried away with ideas again, I said I would show you the lovely hideaway I found at Columbia University the last evening I was there. I took a walk and saw what looked like some kind of tower/chapel structure so made my way over to it. It is just that, a very small, though tall building, that seems to be meant for stopping in and taking a moment to reflect or meditate or pray. It has some lovely stained glass windows in it and I'm sure there is an upper level, but I only went through it to get to the other side. There I found a pond, sort of hidden amongst the trees and on the other side of the pond was a gazebo. It was breathtakingly serene and beautiful there, a moment's quiet much needed after all the excitment and rush of the past two days. I went over to the gazebo and sat there, photographing and taking in the atmosphere. There was such a stillness, yet it was leaping out of the water, birds and cicadas singing, the perfume of the mimosa trees, sunshine breaking through the tall trees, the shoreline reflecting so clearly in the water that it appeared mirrorlike.

I decided to sit there and meditate a bit. I'm with an online meditation group that is currently meeting Saturday nights and I told them if I had some time alone, I would join them even though I wasn't at a computer. I was a few hours early but it was the best I could do. I was sitting there, deeply relaxed and feeling such a oneness with nature............and I heard a child's voice.........huh?..........opened my eyes - and there was a man and child on the other side of the small pond. LOL! So much for that. I sat a bit longer and finally made my way back to the dorm. I will definitely seek this place out when I go next year.

Next entry.........maybe my doily, more Palmetto tatting, and my visit with Witt.


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