Friday, June 25, 2004

Oops! Forgot a draft was in the works.

Jane has her patterns posted that she introduced at Palmettos. The Patchwork Diamond motif was beautiful in person. It was probably about 15 inches in diameter when I saw it and more more colorful than what shows online.

Yikes! I forgot I started this.

I've worked a little more on the butterfly collar. I got one fern frond done. It appears that the rose part is tatted and joined to the frond and a cut & tie & finish off is in order before proceeding to the next frond. That will permit me to make it in a different color.

I was in Hobby Lobby tonight. I went to get a few birthday cards but had to stroll around the store too. Instruction books were 1/2 price so I got a few crochet booklets I've had my eye on. Also got a baroque bee's wax holder kit for $2.77, originally $27.76. I also got a package of 25 miniature clear glass ball ornaments.............and just discovered that one is missing! LOL! I'll have to take it back.....not sure I'll have time tomorrow night. Anyway..........Hope Green and I did a private exchange one year tatting on this size ball but we used the colored ones. I'm thinking this might be a good project for my lace guild's Christmas tree project. We are decorating a small tree with lace ornaments and then it is donated to be auctioned off for a charitable organization. The ornaments must be very small and in multiples. So I thought I might make some tatted covers for these, a few anyway.

Well, I want to work a bit more on the rose/fern frond motif before I go to bed.


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