Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Home Again!

I got back home about 4:30 p.m yesterday. My uncle/godfather passed away at the weekend and I wanted to be home in time for the funeral. I knew everyone who was left at Palmettos would be leaving Monday anyway so I left for home Sunday after visiting with Witt.

I have so much to tell!!!!

But first, I'm going to the funeral and spending time with the family. I tatted rosaries for this aunt and uncle one year for Christmas. I helped them move last summer and noticed they had draped the rosaries over a crucifix near the door. Made me feel good that they did that. I no longer practice catholicism, but we still carried on the tradition between godparents and godchild anyway. This couple is actually the aunt and uncle of my first husband who passed away himself when he was 26. I've always remained close to the family and this couple also lived only 3 miles from me when I was growing up. Lots of memories there.

So after I spend time with my family.........THEN I'll tell you all about Palmettos Lace Day and the wonderful people I met with and tatted with and played with! I didn't take near as many pics as Hope did, but I couldn't put them all on here anyway.

Glad to be back home.

Funny thing............I noticed myself talking like a true southerner......doesn't take much for it to rub off on you!


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