Tuesday, June 08, 2004


A huge attraction to Palmetto's is the opportunity to meet and interact with knowledgeble tatters whom we refer to as "teachers". I took these photos during a segment in which the teachers were handing out doorprizes to participants whose names were drawn out of a basket. By this time, everyone was familiar with each other and were feeling pretty loose and relaxed.

I think the middle photo has all of the teachers so I'll list them left to right, top row to bottom row.

Mark Myers, Ruth Perry, Terry the Tatter, Karey Solomon
Jane Eborall, Georgia Seitz, Karen Bovard, Nina Libin, Marie Smith
Sue Hanson, Rita Cochran (Deb Arnold is missing from my photos)

There is way, way too much for me to post in one entry but I have to say this is absolutely the greatest tatting time I've ever had! I was so saturated with tatting.....I haven't picked up a shuttle since Saturday night. Unbelievable as that may seem! None of my projects are finished so I'll show them here as I finish them. Some will take longer than others. As the day wore on, my comprehension skills wore down. I forgot I was on Indiana time after lunch and sauntered about, taking photos of the tatting, and suddenly realized I was an hour late for my afternoon class with Jane Eborall.

Then for my last session, I went to the wrong class. I kept wondering when Terry was going to get into the teneriffe part of the lesson......and 1/2 hour later, I realized I had the wrong teacher! So I ended up getting two for one that time! Actually, I'm almost complete on every project but Jane's and that makes sense, since I was an hour late to that one.

I bought a few books, lots of thread, a Palmetto shuttle, and some teneriffe templates.

But the best part was meeting everyone face to face! What a deal!

More to come...............


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