Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another Exchange Done!

She finally got it! I was beginning to wonder and emailed only to learn it arrived today.

You definitely have to click on the bag to see the larger version. This is the bag I made for Mary. I had such fun! I found a napkin from my stash of garage sale finds that had "M" embroidered on it as well as some other embroidery. Whoo-hoo! Then I tatted an edging that is a combination of Mary Konior's Celandine and the butterfly edging from Rita Weiss's book. I think it is much prettier up close and personal. The thread is a vintage thread too - not sure if I remembered to tell her that or not. It's a size 30 Coats Clark thread, which I can't get anywhere around here. I'm not sure where I got it, to be honest.

Mary says today that she collects antique linens so I made the right move there. She also said she'll bring it with her at Palmettos and I'll get to see it again!

In the meantime, I've been tatting a false plait cord in red and green - yep, Christmas colors. Not that I'm that foresighted....I started it before Christmas for a different project and then changed my mind. I was originally going to use it as the cord in the Christmas goodie bag I made for Sue's exchange, but decided I was running out of time and used something else instead. So now I'm tatting the cord until my thread runs out and THEN I'll decided what to do with it. I do have an idea or two in mind.

Tonight I'm going to start my packing. I don't know whether to take clothes for warm weather or cool weather, but I'm thinking there is a good chance it will be on the cool side. I also need to figure out what supplies to take. I still don't have a supply list so I'll just take lots of shuttles and thread. And some beads.... And a few favorite books...... And a thread winder...... And some paper clips..... Some floss holders..... Some baggies...... I never know what color thread to bring and bring too many.

I'm determined to limit myself this time.



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